Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Henge - A Magical Tale Of Romance And Sorrow


It is a clear, starlit night in Spring, the eve of the Vernal Equinox, in a once and future time. You are alone with him at an ancient stone henge. The tall stones are shimmering with a platinum light as they stand majestically, mystically silhouetted against the indigo sky. It is an evening for Deep Magick as only the two of you know.
In the center of the henge is a blue stone altar, carved with elemental symbols of power and sacred spiritual wisdoms. On the altar, beautiful stones and crystals reflect the light of springtimes large fullest moon. Violet, indigo, and blue lights flash in the moonlight from these altar stones, Amethyst, Azurite, and mysterious milky Opals. You add your own special crystal to the stones, a dark Amethyst, that you have kept very close to you for years, symbolizing the synthesis of yourself.
The henge of stones stands encircled by a grove of sacred Oak trees, eternally connected to the lands and realms of spirit. A soft breeze blows in from the forest grove and sweeps through the henge, making swirling patterns in the grasses and heather on the ground. Tall wax pillars burn brightly upon the altar, illuminating the henges with a quiet mysterious glow of energy, power.
He stands facing you across the altar. Both of you are dressed in robes of royal blue, on which symbols of your mystical rank and power are embroidered in threads of platinum, copper, silver, and gold. As the Drawing Down The Moon ritual comes to an end, you stand before him in the direction of the south, representing the South Goddess, the Lover. You make a slight gesture and the robe falls gracefully from your body. You stand before him skyclad, your body illuminated by his wondrous presence, your passion liquified, as dew forms on the rose.
He calls you forth and takes you by the hand, pulling you into his strong arms. Gazing into your eyes, he calls out your secret name in a whispering echo, that sends a vibration to each of the stones..His lips meet yours in a kiss that stops time as his body presses into you, allowing you to feel his passion.
In a fragment of the moment, you are lying on the Altar stone, placed between the two pillars. He leans over, allowing his lips to trace your body, while his hands trace sigils in strategic places. In that moment you are aware of only his presence, the burning passion enflaming you, and the contrast of the cool blue stone against your skin. He disrobes and stands before you revealing his form, his stature, his passion, his Godliness..
He bends over and kisses your forehead and cheek, and finally his lips find yours in a deep soulful kiss. His strong hands gently caressing your shoulder, move skillfully down to fondle your breasts, taking the nipples between his fingers and then gently between his teeth. Your arms embrace him and pull him closer. You suddenly lose consciousness to everything but his presence, and the awareness of him. Nothing exists in the world except for his hands touching you, and his lips exploring, and the pulse of energy in your own fingers running down the smooth skin of his shoulders, his back, the soft dark hair of his chest. Your body moves against him, clinging in hunger, moaning, you cannot bear to wait any longer. He continues to kiss you gently, his hands moving to stroke and soothe you, but you do not want to be soothed. Your body cries out for completion, hunger, sheer agony. You try to speak, to call out to him, to beg him, but only a sobbing whimper escapes.. His lips imprison your cries. You move against him, hungry, your mouth accepting his kisses, entreating.
You feel dizzied, shakened with passion, sweeping through you like the tide surging in and covering a beach on the night of a full Moon, drowning, submerged in the passion of his kiss. He holds you gently against him, still stroking you. Your awareness, intuned only to the flow of life between your bodies, male and female, the tides of the Goddess that rises within and compels them..Only he can arouse this flame of passion within you, and the flame had burst forth powerful, all consuming.
You speak to him in silence, gaze fixed upon his dark eyes..a language that is eternal, immortal, somewhere in time recorded only in the memories of your souls.
He lifts you from the cold hard stone, gently laying you on a bed of soft fallen leaves. Eyes meeting once again in an enraptured gaze, he lowers himself to your lips, kissing you tenderly. He kneels before you as your thighs part to accept him. Entering slowly, gently, a shudder comes over him.. He cries out...lunging deep, taking you completely, moving slowly yet forceful. The nocturnal bliss of the dance begins, as you move in a synastrial rhythm, weaving energies, blending into one.
His pace gradually quickens, as you rise and fall meeting him, back arched, pelvis thrusting upward to take him with each entry.. Bodies glisten in the night, sweat drenched, cries and moans of ecstasy resound, as you near the summit of the upward climb. Relentlessly, he moves into you, rhythmically, creating a symphony of bliss. Gracefully, your body rises and falls to meet his every thrust, taking him deeper and deeper.. The sounds of life around you resonate as your energy permeates the air..
You see his body tense, his force intensifies, pounding deeper into you...The vibration begins, spiraling, fumbling as your inner walls tighten around him, throbbing, pulsing, caressing him.. you can't hold back, and signal him, digging your nails into his back. His cries pierce the night, still driving into you, plunging..exploding, his seed bursting forth... Your first waves begin and suddenly your eyes widen....your heart skips a beat, silence, shock......fear invades the sacredness of the moment..terror replaces joy. The shadowed darkness hovering over you takes shape behind him...the shadow forms..a small creature, holding an object, raised overhead.. You make an attempt to cry out to him, but he confuses your cries of terror with those of passion.. You know what is happening and cannot speak.. The creature moves closer, and now you see the sword glistening above, taking aim, plunging. With all of your might, your arms push forth, casting him from harms way, as your hands return quickly to make a thwarted attempt to stop the blade.
Searing pain, momentarily..the outer dissolution begins..senses dulled..voices ring deafening screams, you cannot make out the words that are see only outlines of the two details..the eye of consciousness is rapidly try to focus on him, you vaguely sense his presence as he is being held off from you..
You make an attempt to raise yourself from the warm ,blood-soaked earth beneath you, reaching out to him, but your body has began to lose all its strength..drained of all energy.. You cannot get up, nor support your head...You feel as if a huge mountain were being pressed down upon you, and you were being squashed by it..
It becomes difficult to open and close your eyes, as the aggregate of form is dissolving. Weak and become agitated and delirious. You weakly call out to him, and sink into drowsiness. As you fall into a slumber, a Secret Sign appears in your mind as a vision of a shimmering image. You sense his presence in this dream state momentarily as a familiar embrace and a whisper of "Another Tyme" echoes. An inner knowing is present within the shadow of death, such tenderness of are at peace with him.. His words gently tap your vague consciousness and flee from your awareness like a raven in flight.
Thoughtlessness, here.. no other thoughts are present. All the thought states resulting from desire, cease to function and you experience a powerful feeling of bliss...your perception of time no longer exists..waves of consciousness flow in and out..moving you to new levels..floating like a feather` then through a spiral..
Blackness ensues like an empty sky shrouded in utter of delusion..You become slightly conscious your awareness once again shifts.
Some call it the Ground Luminosity, I choose the clear light..whatever the name..its the moment of death that is the liberation...enlightenment, perhaps. Maybe that point when we have actually been introduced to the true nature of our minds..for some that is.. No hate, fear, sadness, or pain..past conditioning,old reflexes..negativities..No control..only peace.
And I beheld an immaculate of clouds, fog or mist....The clear light of death is upon me.
Hello light..old friend, nice to see you once again!

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