Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Madness

Flying on a comet through a star-sprinkled sky
Hiding in a space, behind my mind's eye.

Through slipping fingers and faces I fall,
Upon a black bed as I hear Death's call

Soothing as a lover's whisper, serene is all
Melancholic shadows waltz upon the wall.

No end to the madness, it must be fate,
To be imprisoned in the Jester's crate.

Yet I'm but a prisoner to my own demands
Poisoned milk and honey overflowing my land.

Behold! Dark Id, my greatest fear
Destroying me quietly, none can hear,

No one really knows, I'm not what I seem
How I long to trade places and dream what they dream

To embrace the future and discard the old
while I dance to the rhythm of my soul

In my soul embers lay dying,
I continue to live to keep on trying.

To fly on my Comet through the star-sprinkled sky,
And hide in this space, behind my minds eye.

© 1995 Deborah Nuckles
All Rights Reserved