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Adam And Eve Revisited....

Setting: Garden of Eden
Enter- Adam and God
God: Adam what are you doing? (He is omni-everything, yet he asks this question)!
Adam: "Good Morning, Father, I'm just walking around checking out the plants, veggies, flowers, trees you created."
God: "And....the little woman, (Eve) How is she...?
Adam: "Fine, home, probably trying out new veggie and fruit recipes, making baskets out of tree limbs, cleaning, combing her beautiful long hair, experimenting with her latest project, creating new shades of lip gloss out of tree resin, pomegranates, lemons! She manages to keep busy while I'm away at work naming all of the plants, trees and tending the garden."
God: "Amazing creation, Eve....mastered the art of creation with her, don't you think? God replied...and suddenly turned his attention to the east of the garden, and a beautiful spacious tree, filled with shiny red fruit... seemingly isolated from the others, yet slightly visible... "See that tree over there, Adam"?
Adam turned his gaze to the east rear garden area, and replied "The Forbidden Tree"? "yes that one", God continued "Just continue to ignore that tree completely, for it is already named the "Tree of Knowledge of Good And Evil". Do not bother it, it is forbidden, nor shall you eat of it's fruit, or you will surely die"!
Adam: (listening to his Father's instructions attentively about the forbidden tree ) "I understand, and shall not go near it."
So....Adam continues his work in the garden and God continues on, walking through the Garden, observing his creation, just as a CEO will walk through corporate headquarters examining each department, making sure everything is running smoothly and according to company specifications.
Meanwhile, back home, Eve, has just finished cleaning the cave where she and Adam reside, tidying up Adam's mess from the night before and decides to go and gather some fruit for a tantalizing, scrumptious fruit salad....for their evening meal.
She combs her long shiny locks, grabs a basket, and goes on her adventure. She wanders through the garden, stopping every now and then to speak to the wildlife, the rabbit, the ostrich, the peacock and manages to pluck a few feathers from the peacock for table decor....
As she continues on her way, she crosses paths with her helpmate Adam who has just finished meeting with the Father.
Adam: "Hello Eve, How's your day"?
Eve: "Just out gathering some fruit for dinner, how did your meeting with the Father go"?
Adam: "About the same as always, just shop talk, husbandry, Horticulture, the usual....and of course there's the business about that "Tree" in the eastern part of the garden", doesn't want me to go near that tree for some reason....and reminded me again".
Eve: "Thats nice, Adam, I really must go, as I want to get this fruit gathering out of the way, so I can start dinner, see you at home later"!
Adam: "Great, get Mr. Monkey to grab a few coconuts for you, so we can have a couple of colada's tonight, while you're out"!
She gathers a bounty of fruits, nuts and vegetables, lemons, limes, oranges, cherries, strawberries, kumquats, mangoes, pomegranates, guava, bananas, plaintains, lichi nuts....fresh mint, almonds, pecans, walnuts and macadamian nuts.....and employs the aid of Mr. Monkey to assist her in obtaining several coconuts for the Colada's...
Her basket is quite complete now, with the exception of a few vegetables that she failed to obtain but decided to postpone veggies until the following week She noticed she had journeyed farther east than she had planned...thinking that she possibly should have forgone the added coconuts that had placed considerable weight into her already filled basket..
She spotted a spacious tree in the corner, isolated from the rest, but nonetheless strikingly beautiful and inviting....she hesitated thinking, "Why is this garden treasure all alone away from the other plants and trees"? Remembering something Adam mentioned earlier, about a forbidden tree, she edged closer to the gorgeous tree with beautiful red ripe shiny fruit hanging from the branches...the shadow of something moved from behind the tree, the shadow resembled the shape of a serpent, but the closer she got to the towering tree....the more vivid the image became and suddenly an unusual creature, likened unto a man, but very pleasantly attractive, stepped from behind the tree and greeted her. Startled as the only man she had ever seen was Adam, not much to look at but a hard-working man.
Creature: "Good afternoon, Eve, I see you are gathering fruits from the garden, and through my observance, I notice that you are hesitant on retreiving fruit from this tree.
Eve: "Do I know you? How do you know my name"? she replied, wondering who this creature was....she continued..."Yes, I do not feel that I have any room left yet the fruit is so beautiful and I believe this is the fruit that my companion, Adam may have been referring to earlier as being "forbidden".
Creature: "Adam said he didn't"! That's absurd, how can this scrumptiously delicious fruit be considered forbidden"? The Nutritional Factors alone are amazing...high in Vitamin C, D, E, F, G, fights Free Radicals which inhibits the growth of Cancer, promotes strong bones, beautiful hair and nails, and is rich in enzymes that benefit not only your complexion but helps to keep off pounds that leads to lower cholestrol and helps keep that gorgeous body you have!
Eve: (Blushing and really taking in this stranger's compliments she already begins to feel a fluttering in the pit of her flat tummy).....nervously she explains "He mentioned something about God forbidding him to eat of this fruit or even go near it...or he would surely die!"
Creature: "Let me get this right, sweetheart", he said, snatching one of the bright crisp red fruits from a low hanging branch, biting into it, releasing juices that glistened in the late afternoon sun, as he walked toward Eve, smiling assuredly. "So....eating of this fruit will cause you to die, that's what Adam was told, right"?
Eve:"Yes, of course, God said, "Ye will surely die"!
Creature: (Laughing hysterically) "And...Adam believed that and told you not to come near the tree and eat of it"?
Eve: Yes, it is forbidden, or else we shall perish.
Creature: (consumes the remainder of the fruit and looks deeply into the eyes of Eve) "Beautiful Creature, Woman, you surely will not.....perish! Look at me, have I perished? Am I not the most gorgeous creature you have ever I not stir new feelings of pleasure and joy that you have never felt before?
Eve: (mesmerized) "uh yes, you do....very much", she replied nervously.
Creature: (taking her in his arms and kissing her lips) Eve pulls back, frightened at this behavior....but he grabs her closer......(Exit...into bushes for awhile)
A Few Hours Later
Eve: (Awakens to the cold nose of a chipmunk on her cheek, she must have fainted from exhaustion from the weight of the basket, she thinks. But the basket is sitting on the ground, filled with her fruits and a new addition from the distant tree....a gorgeous red shining fruit, glistening in the sunlight atop her basket, next to a Fig Tree.
Her sudden preoccupation with her body was a very new feeling... she looks down and notices her body for what seems like the first time, she can't understand the unique feeling she has now, she feels very ashamed, not understanding why...yet feels that if she could only cover certain areas of her body, she will be alright....and is now wondering if she did in fact, eat this mysterious fruit causing her to feel this way?
She reaches for her basket and notices that she has failed to get any figs for her fruit she reaches to pluck several figs, she notices that the fig leaves just might be the answer.
She starts pulling at the leaves of the tree, using strands of her hair to connect and reinforce them....and slides them onto her body, covering her most private parts.
Eve:"Now, I feel much better for some reason, I've got to hurry home and show Adam, he will be so pleased"! Before she picked up her basket, she thought of her helpmate awaiting her return....."I must make Adam a loin cloth to match"!
She quickly plucks a few more strands of her auburn hair, and grabs enough leaves to make Adam a loincloth and lays it atop of her basket.
She runs through the garden, skipping over small bushes, her new wearing apparel hugging her body, fitting her perfectly. She is very "Proud" of herself, no longer "Ashamed", feeling that she is completely and vividly "Alive", and has set a new trend in "Creationist Attire"!
Adam was sitting against a tree, awaiting her and wondering why dinner was late...."Hello, helpmate, Where has thou been, surely you know that I expect my dinner when I arrive home from the daily work schedule in the Garden"! Adam wasted no time in noticing the bright red familiar fruit riding on top of her basket, but quickly his eyes jumped to Eve and the new, unique, clothing she was wearing. Even her face had a glow that Adam had never seen before.
Adam: "Helpmate, Oh Beautiful Creature, what is this"?...he places his hands on her shoulders and turns her body around to see a full 360 view."
His hand on her shoulders, joggled a fragment of her memory and before he could move them, she looked up into his eyes, smiled and placed her arms around him and pulled him close.....not really understanding why she was suddenly behaving in this manner...but began remembering how she felt earlier at the "Tree"......
Adam: "Woman, what are you doing, why are you clenching me"? She ignored his question and continued....pulling him closer, as if mesmirized by his closeness.
Adam did not understand why his helpmate was behaving in such an unusual fashion and felt that the glistening red fruit atop her basket may point to answers?
Adam: "Did thou goest to the east side of the garden this day and partake of the forbidden fruit"? he asked, walking over to the basket and observing the mysterious beauty of the strange fruit.
Eve: "Yes, but"....Adam interrupted her.
Adam: "No, please tell me that you did not eat of the forbidden fruit that God warned me not to partake of....He really wasn't kidding about this, Eve".
Eve: "He told you that you would die, Adam, not is not true, Adam, as I am alive, moreso than before, let me show you! Here, eat this!" She retrieved the fruit from atop the basket and offered it to that moment, her memory returned and she sat in Adam's lap feeding him the forbidden fruit.
Adam, at first, turned his head to reject the offer, but Eve was insistent, and he gave in, despite his attempts to reject... Eve opened her lips and bit into the ripe, delicious orb shaped fruit, spraying Adam's face with the honey sweet nectar.....Suddenly, her close presence to him, made him feel very strange, a unique feeling that he had never felt before....
Adam: "Eve, But God said....."
Eve: "Adam, am I dead"?
Adam finally gave in to Eve, eating of the fruit, delighting in every morsel....exausting himself with the forbidden gift Eve offered to him.
Adam awoke in the cave, Eve in his arms, both lying naked.....and they heard God's voice thundering from outside.
God: "Adam, Eve, where are you"?
Quickly Eve handed the loin cloth to Adam as she busily put her leave laden attire on, hurrying out of the cave to meet God.
Eve: "Adam, put this on, you are must cover yourself"!
Adam: "Yes, that will work"...he put on the loincloth and left the cave to meet with the Father.
God: "Hey there, my special creations, what have you two been doing"?
Adam: "Oh just the usual, you know....doing what you want us to do"!
Eve noticed God was looking at their attire, his eyes going to Adam then to her, and back again...sensing something just wasn't the same as before....
God: "Why are you both wearing fig leaves on your body"?
Adam: "Eve made these for us, really chic, don't you think"?
God eyes shifted to Eve.....and he spoke to her.
God: "Woman, what has thou done"? Why are you covering yourself with leaves?
Eve: "Because....I'm naked"!
God: "Who told you that you were naked"?
Eve: "Nobody, I could sense that I was naked....and I was ashamed and did not want anyone to see me naked", Eve replied in all honesty.
God: "You two have eaten of the forbidden fruit in the east corner of the garden, haven't you"?
Adam: "Yes, Father, we have done as much"...
God: "Woman, Did not Adam warn you of the forbidden fruit"?
Eve: "Yes, Father, but the stranger in the garden, showed me that I would not die and he taught me things that were wonderful, that I had never felt before....and I had much pleasure from the entire day, and wanted to share that pleasure with my helpmate, Adam, who has toiled all day, tending the animals and naming the plants, flowers and trees"!
God: "Adam, Eve, You had it made, could come and go as you pleased, eat fruits and vegetables, wild locust, honey and enjoyed 100% superb health. Your digestive systems have not been subjected to disease causing meat, you were given a very peaceful, easy going life here in My Garden. I am very disappointed in your disobedience and therefore will have to punish you as promised.
Eve, moved closer to Adam, as God stood before them with his arms crossed in front of him shaking his head in dismay.......looking down he continued...
God: Adam, My First Creation, from this day forward, you will work hard for everything you get, you will pay exorbitant interest rates, you will eat what woman cooks for you, like it or not, you will bring forth offspring that will rarely appreciate anything you do for them, and will constantly badger you to do more and more, you will have ailments, aches and pains, but you must continue to work each day, paying for things that you have no need for, autmobiles that once you pay for will no longer benefit you, striving to continually better yourself, you will experience job cut-backs, layoffs, economical strife and will ultimately die and leave everything you have worked for to unappreciative heirs who will fight to the death over all of it no matter whether you are a millionaire or a poor man, and more than likely squander what you slaved for on drugs, fast cars and nasty women.
God: Eve, Beautiful Creature, For your disobedience, you will bear offspring, which will lie dormant in your body for a gestational period of 9 months or longer in rare cases.....During the gestational period, the offspring will become a parasite, living off the very oxygen and food that you consume. After the gestational period is over, you will bring forth this offspring in much pain, unless, you choose to take another route, which can cause permanent scars to your body that no cream will ever remove, irregardless of testimonials. You will further serve to provide nutrition to your offspring by way of the two mammary glands located at the upper frontal aspect of your body, until the offspring reaches a certain age. You will care for this offspring until they reach maturity, placing them ahead of yourself in all that you do. Your body will never be the same again, left with stretch marks at various points, eventually your mammary glands will sag, along with your chin, buttocks and face. Your beautiful locks will eventually turn gray. You will undergo many changes in your body, some of which will be uncomfortable, bothersome and perhaps painful.
Eve: " never".....
God: "EVE", I instructed your Helpmate and had you been more interested in his work, asking him questions about his day, rather than looking for other interests, you would have known that I said...'Do Not Eat Of The Forbidden Fruit', so stop whining and accept responsibility for your actions"!
Eve: "You never told me, how was I to know....Adam never talks to me, or pays me any attention. He just comes home from work, eats dinner, talks to you and visits Ms Monkey for hours, comes home and goes straight to bed."
God: "Eve....stop whining"!
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