Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Memory Of My Mother

Sadie Nuckles

From you I perceive the symbolics of the Ancients, Through your love and guidance I experienced the awakening.

From the East, you are the Gemini winds of change, the Aquarian breeze of new ideas, Libra's sense of balance and the Power of the Mind. You live in me as I continue to use and expand the gifts of my intellect, communicate to others what I have learned from you, and remain open to new ideas and growth through change. And so Mother, you are with me always.

To the South, you are the surging energy of Aries, the bright radiance of Leo, the vibrant enthusiasm and idealism of Sagittarius, the Power of Spirit. You live in me whenever I follow your example by charging forth to take charge and explore a new idea in which I believe, and when I shine with the sheer joy of life. And so Mother, you are with me always.

To the West, you are the nurturing womb of Cancer, the deep mysterious pools of Scorpio, the ocean of compassion that is Pisces, the emotional Power of Soul. You live in me as I nurture the development of my three sons and others who come to me in need, as I probe for self-awareness and connect with others in compassion and in love. And so Mother, you are with me always.

To the North, you are the solid ground of Taurean stability, and the immense natural order that is Virgo, and the Capricorn mountains life calls me to climb. You live in me when, like yourself, with quiet, stubborn persistence, you stick with a task until it is right, ground your idealism in practical structure, and always strive to climb the "highest mountain". And so Mother, you are with me always.

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